Lay Off Those Expensive Beauty Treatments And Turn To All-Natural Olive Oil

From the days of Cleopatra, olive oil has been a sacred element of a woman’s beauty regimen.

The last active pharaoh of Egypt used it on her skin, her hair and her nails. Centuries later, another legendary beauty, Italy’s Sophia Loren, raved about her olive oil baths. Truth be told, women all over the Mediterranean have passed down olive oil beauty secrets for centuries.

Olive oil is redolent in vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids, and is perfect for sensitive skin. Olive oil has long been a powerful anti-aging ingredient in skin care products. Rich in antioxidants, it staves off skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while it also nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin.

Olive oil hydrates the skin, helps it maintain elasticity and softness, and actually aids in skin-cell regeneration.


Following are some easy suggestions to use olive oil in your daily beauty treatments:

  • Get scrubbing: In her book “The Passionate Olive,” Carol Firenze recommends using extra virgin olive oil as an exfoliator for dry, flaky skin. She suggests mixing olive oil and sea salt so as to make a scrub and massaging it into the skin with the fingertips.
  • For nail care: To ensure that your cuticles stay moist, rub some extra virgin olive oil on and around the dry nails to help give them a healthy sheen.
  • Pre-shampoo hair treatment: Thank Cleopatra for this tip, because olive oil has been used as a hair treatment since ancient Egyptian times. First, warm the olive oil in the microwave or in hot water. Then apply it generously to the ends of hair and scalp. Leave it in for up to 10 to 20 minutes, before shampooing it out.
  • Lip balm: Combine coarse sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil for a chapped-lip fix. You can also add a splash of lemon juice for added flavor and acidic exfoliating properties.
  • Eye-makeup remover: It’s counter-intuitive, but slathering olive oil all over your face will not clog pores. In actuality, the oil grabs onto other oil-based products, making it a great pre-cleansing step to remove stubborn eye makeup. It is also said to smoothen out lines and wrinkles.
  • For shaving legs: Run out of expensive shaving cream? Head to the kitchen and slather legs with olive oil before applying the blade. You’ll ward off razor burn and bumps with the help of a natural lubricant.
  • Earwax remedy: If you suffer from earwax buildup, use olive oil to flush out the excess. For 3-4 nights, put a few drops in your ears before bed and it will do wonders.

So forget those expensive treatments, fancy moisturisers and other beauty aids. If you want that glow on your skin, look no further than your kitchen. Grab a bottle of olive oil and go natural.

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